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DAVID VIET LAM - Vietnamese Chinese Acto


Asian Australian actor DAVID VIET LAM could be summed up in the form of film genres 

Crime, Action, Drama (not necessarily in this order) with a hint of Thriller, Horror & Comedy.

DAVID VIET LAM or better known as DAVID LAM was born in Melbourne, Australia.  He was brought up in the housing commission flats in Fitzroy, Victoria by Vietnamese Chinese immigrant parents.  His parents divorced early on in his life where his mother eventually re-partnered. Growing up in Fitzroy, David was exposed to some of the darker things in life at an early age which could have easily lead him down the same path of many, but was fortunate enough to find refuge in dance and basketball.

David went to St Josephs North Fitzroy, where he was first introduced to Drama class.  Training under Patrick Watt, he learnt the fundamentals of performing arts, mainly focusing on theatre. This was also when he caught the interest of mime and movement as he felt it incorporated well with dance.  Dance/Mime/Movement is where David's foundation lies.  While challenges of life and life experiences were where he learnt to have a better understanding of emotions and human behaviour.

David can be seen unconventional at times in his approach to acting and tends to draw upon life experiences and doing his own research through curiosity, trial & error and learning at his own pace.  Some great teachers/mentors who have influence David through their teachings, concepts and approach to acting, the industry and life in general were Greg Apps & Robyn Gibbes  (The Audition Technique/Greg Apps Casting), Peter Kalos (Melbourne Actor's Lab), Cameron Douglas (Digger Tactical), Magnus Walker, Jon Jandai and a noble mention of his first drama teacher Patrick Watt.

David also holds an interest in firearms.  He has trained with Digger Tactical under head instructor Cameron Douglas.  His favourite firearms are Glock 17 & MP5 and Kriss Vector for CQC.

In his spare time David enjoys either being out with nature cycling, hiking, camping otherwise hibernating at home.

Best known for his work in:

Colours in the Dark - Written & Produced by Thavy Thongkham. Directed by Abhi Parasher
Once Upon A Time in Chinatown - Written, Produced, Directed by Justin David Macawili
(Award winning comedy) My Ghoul - Written and Directed by Andrew Robb and Jessica Gerger



Fluent - English / Vietnamese

Basic - Cantonese / Korean

Ethnicity: Asian Australian - Vietnamese / Chinese

Accents: Australian / British / Vietnamese / Asian

Height: 174 cm / 5ft 9in

Weight: 68 kg / 149 lbs

Chest: 97 cm / 38 in

Waist: 85 cm / 33 in

Eye Colour: Black / Dark Brown

Hair Colour: Black

​Hair Length: Medium

Base Location: Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Agent: Steiner Talent Management

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